hey hey hey!

I am SO glad you're here, friend. Working with people like you makes my heart so full. I am all about relationships - both building them and capturing them. By the end of our time together, my hope is that we will be good friends and that I will do capturing the story of you and your loved ones justice. I think that it is such a privilege to be invited into the private, quiet moments of your stories. Each and every story is unique and deserves to be captured as such. 

And since you are inviting me in, to share in your story, it's only fitting that you know a little bit of mine! 

I have been married to my best friend, Connor, for three years and we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Evelyn Joy, to our family in September 2020. She is a light to our world and such a gift, & she's our rainbow baby as well! We also have our pup, Loess, and our little black kitty, Baloo.

I am passionate about Jesus and all that He has done in my life - the incredible grace that He has given me absolutely deserves to be extended to every person I interact with. My prayer is that by the end of our time together, you will leave feeling loved and heard. 

hannah skudstad is a wedding and couples photographer serving out of placerville, ca

Some things you should know......

I will 1000000% dance at your wedding. will it be good? definitely not. will it happen anyway? heck yeah!!

I'm kinda obsessed with Starbucks. I have the mobile app & I've been a gold card member since 2017. i love pink drinks and peppermint mochas.

I'm probably gonna cry at some point during your day. I have big feelings and when it comes to weddings i can't help it. 

I'm the oldest of four kids & my youngest sibling, my brother Noah, is 11 years younger than me!

When Connor and I were engaged we went to visit his parents once & he wanted to show me this cool place in the redwoods. it had been raining and we got stuck at the bottom of a hill because of the mud and had to make a trail with sawdust and put snow chains on to get out! We've got the video to prove it.

I rewatch the same three Pixar movies all the time: Cars, Finding Nemo and Ratatouille

I'm really loud. I'll just tell ya now. my family is loud, i've done theater & other stage related activities for majority of my life, so projecting my voice to the other side of the planet is basically like breathing! ha!

Harry Potter is my favorite book & movie series. I am totally unashamed of the nerdy BTS facts i know about it.