Shingle Springs Golden Hour | Hayden & Caitlyn

They met working at the feed store. He worked in the hay barn, she worked in the boutique. Caitlyn is my little sister (& assistant, & second shooter), and Hayden is the man in her life – who we LOVE. They have a love of all things sushi & poké, Dutch Bros, and cowboy boots. Hayden has easily become part of the family and it’s so fun to have the both of them around all the time. Needless to say, Evelyn is in love with Uncle Hayden & Auntie Caitey!

We had initially planned an entirely different location for their session, but Apple Hill on a Sunday? During busy season? No way, José! We made our way to one of my tried and true locations and pumped up the jams while we got busy making some magic happen.

I’m so grateful that these two are so present and involved in both my little family & with our family as a whole. It’s so fun to be together and play Cards Against Humanity while we eat an entire box of snickerdoodles from Fork Lift (yeah, they’re that good. We ate 12 in an hour).


December 6, 2020

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